Why Spiritual Direction?


“As God becomes a vital and living reality in our own being, God, paradoxically, also becomes more present in the world ‘out there,’ infusing all things, events, persons with the fullness of God’s presence and purpose. There emerges a new connectedness between our relationship with God and our relationship with the world. The growing experience of inner, silent adoration of God at the heart of our being moves us to the offering of ourselves to God for others…[and] enables us to meet the world compassionately, creatively, transformingly, redemptively.” 1

Who might benefit from Spiritual Direction?

You might choose to meet with a spiritual director if you:

  • desire to be more purposefully attentive to your relationship with the Divine.
  • long to know and be known by God in love, and to allow that reservoir of love to flow over to others.
  • desire a deeper experience of prayer.
  • are enduring sorrow, pain, suffering.
  • are a care-giver to those enduring sorrow, pain, and suffering.
  • long for freedom from distractions and busyness, and from thoughts, feelings, and habits that are not life-giving.
  • are drawn by wonder, awe, enchantment and mystery.
  • seek a basic sense of trust and enjoyment of God.
  • offer soul care to others.
  • would like to know yourself better.
  • suspect that the answers you have trusted no longer suit the questions.
  • are a wisdom-seeker, or desire to be one, if you seek meaning, purpose, and value in your life.
  • are in transition, or experiencing burn-out.
  • crave, are curious about, or perhaps even afraid of, silence, solitude, and stillness.
  • wonder what it might mean to say “yes” to life.


“You are created to experience your true life, your genuine identity, your deepest meaning, your fullest purpose, your ultimate value in an intimate, loving union with God at the core of your being.” 2


It may be helpful to hear from others who have chosen spiritual direction.  These responses have been graciously written by people who have met with me for spiritual direction:

“Finding myself alone after a devastating divorce, I heard God calling me closer, calling me to walk a journey of love with Him loving me when I felt so unloved. Not having a map, I was unsure of how to move forward. Jane met me at this crossroad and with her gentle spirit she travelled with me offering direction and care. It is not often that one meets an individual in life who can listen to our pain, empathize, and then walk with us through that hurt with the goal of showing us care and the path to a deeper relationship with the God who created us, and with ourselves. Jane is such a person. She guided me in my journey to find peace and to know more of God and His love for me.”   Directee 2013

“Jane listens. She doesn’t just listen to me, but to God. And she teaches me to listen to God. Most significantly, she has seen how God has made me as an individual and has encouraged me to interact with Him in a way most fitting to me. I found that during my time with Jane, praying in words was difficult, but praying through art kept me close to Him. Jane was aware that I needed to be more attentive to what God was doing each and every day and she taught me exercises to help put that awareness into practice. Jane was patient with me as I had to walk the long road of healing in baby steps. And she encouraged me each step of the way, continually noting my progress and closeness to Christ.

I was given a gift to enter a necessary journey toward healing. As one who was weary, I was given strength. Through Jane I was given encouragement to soar on wings like eagles (Isaiah 40:29-31) and now I have experienced the joy of taking flight.” Directee, 2012

“Jane has taught me so much and helped me to see where God is at work in my life. I thank God for Jane’s presence and help on my journey, directing me back to my source. She is able to step back from her own life and be in the moment with you and listen to your heart.” Directee, 2013

“Spiritual direction was something I came to while struggling with depression and finding that counseling was not the answer for me. With Jane’s loving and tender guidance I am coming to see God’s great love for me and to actually believe it.
Jane has the God-given ability to be totally present in our sessions, attentive to me and to God, always bringing me back to the question ‘what does God have for you in this?’ Over time this has shaped my own thinking along similar lines so that I find myself more and more aware and sure of God working in my life.
I am a seeker of God, of Jesus, of the Spirit – looking for a real way to experience and know the love, acceptance, and desire of God for me, and the transformation that awaits me in that experience. Jane has been an amazing help, comfort, and encourager along the way.” Directee 2014

“When I was a young Christian seeking to know God better I asked a wise ‘older’ friend to share his secret to depth and maturity in the Lord. Spiritual direction was his answer. Jane has been that guide on my path to greater intimacy with God. She is thoughtful, gentle, well-read, insightful, and human. She has laughed with me, challenged me, cried with me, and rejoiced with me. But in all of it she reminds me to look for the face of God, to breath in His presence, to know that I am known. Jane is a guide on the journey, a fellow explorer on the path, a welcomed companion – wise and well-trained in the ways of heaven.” Directee, 2015

“Lord! Give me courage and love to open the door and constrain You to enter, whatever the disguise You come in, even before I fully recognize my guest.
Come in! Enter my small life!
Lay Your sacred hands on all the common things and small interests of that life and bless and change them. Transfigure my small resources, make them sacred. And in them give me Your very Self. Amen.” 3

1. M. Robert Mulholland, Jr.
2. M. Robert Mulholland, Jr.
3. Evelyn Underhill